Open tuesday to sunday from 10AM to 6PM

Tour Paris through the ages

Something has been missing in the latin quarter since the University Games. The students need you to find what and where it is.

During this orientation game, you will travel through centuries of History and discover
several iconic Parisian neighborhoods.


Joueurs sur leur trottinette dans le quartier latin à Paris

Among them is the latin quarter and a lot of parisian must-see!

But we can’t tell you more, you will have to look for clues in order to find the final destination 😉 !

OK, here are some clues :

  • What is the most visited monument in Paris ? (it is located on an island..).
  • And what is the most visited museum in the world ?

If you can answer theses questions, it will give you a hint on where you are going.


Our tours are 100% private and limited from 4 to 10 participants.


  • Typically, the game lasts two and a half hours. If you are very competitive, you can do it in one and a half hour. But if you want to take your time, the game can last three hours.
  • Distance traveled : 3 km
  • Children over 10 are allowed
  • Safety equipment (helmets, knee and elbow protections) are provided.
  • In order to have a nice ride, wear comfortable shoes
  • The activity is subject to favorable weather conditions.